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The Old Danube

The Beautiful Old Danube...
...where everyday life becomes holiday.

The leisure paradise Old Danube, which can be reached by underground coming from St. Stephens Square in only seven minutes, sprawls right in front of the skyline setting of Vienna's most modern district.

The stretch of water is almost 8km in length and up to half a kilometre in width and with its side arms, bays and peninsulas offers something for everybodys liking. The water quality is excellent and the public baths allow splashing and swimming to one's heart's content. Rowing, electrical, pedal, and sailing boats stand by to be taken for a ride by sun seekers and tourists from all over the world.

The numerous restaurants directly on the waterside, most of them can be reached by boat, invite guests for taking a time out. Promenaders can also enjoy a stroll on Vienna's first water walkway right to the national park “Donauauen”.

Furthermore events organised by the committee “Die Schöne Alte Donau” (Beautiful Old Danube) cater for a large variety of leisure pursuits.

The blend of thrill and fun, pleasure and sport, romance and music woo visitors to Vienna's leisure paradise from April to December – a successful mixture loved by all generations.



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